Villa Godi. Foreword.

I took these pictures a day before our wedding. We arrived to sort out the last things and were fortunate enough to witness the golden hour when the setting sun was enfolding everything in its magical light. Honestly, the gardens of the Villa are magnificent and enormous -- we've been there several times and I still haven't seen it all. (all pictures are clickable)

The park belonging to this venetian villa Godi Malinverni, with its century old trees and 2600 meters of boulevards, date back to the previous century and was rearranged in 1852 by Count Antonio Piovene who commissioned new designs from the architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin. In the center of the park there is a lake with swans. Where the plants are thickest is the Remembrance Corner, dedicated to the loved ones who lived in the villa, and their names are engraved on small cylinder or pyramid shaped columns with captions by Fogazzaro and Zanella.

Behind the villa are the Italian gardens with basins and fountains, fifty or so statues and columns by Marinali and Albanese. These gardens date back to the 17th century and the beginning of 18th century.
— Malinverni family
Villa Godi Malinverni belongs to the rich artistic patrimony of Venetian Villas. Andrea Palladio built the villa in 1542; Gianbattista Zelotti, Battista del Moro and Gualtiero Padovano adorned it with frescoes.
— Malinverni family